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Focal Rainbow Tile Glass Lamp-work Bead on Rope Necklace


Rainbow Tile Focal Bead Lamp-work Necklace

Featuring 1 Focal Rainbow bead on a silver rope necklace.

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I make these Lamp-work beads individually and carefully in my NSW North Coast studio in Australia. Once the glass has been melted, the beads go directly from my flame to my digitally controlled kiln to ensure their durability and strength. This process is called annealing and ensures lifelong beauty. As every single bead is handmade, there will be no 2 beads the same. There will be some differences between beads. This means that every bead is an original!!

The photos just do not do the beads any justice! They are much clearer in person and even more lovelier than you can imagine!

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Weight 0.010 g
Dimensions 42 × 1 × 2 cm


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