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Hi, I’m Sam!

I’m a Sewist, Jewellery Crafter, Nurse and a Mum.

I’ve always had a love for all things handmade. I grew up wearing clothes my mother had sewn, or my Nana had knitted… from patchwork fluoro bike pants (80’s fashion baby!), fancy ball dresses and colour coordinated college jumpers, beanies and scarves, I’ve always had a wardrobe filled with handmade items. I would say that my Mum and my Nana have been extremely influential in my love of handicrafts and helping people.

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to learn crafts. I’d sit on my Nana’s lap and watch her knit, she was extremely patient with me as she showed me step by step, the art of Knit 1, Purl 1. Her name was Pearl, how fitting! I learnt how to crochet and sew from my Mother. Mum is extremely talented at sewing. She’s worked in a swimwear factory, made countless dance costumes for every dancer in every class I was in growing up and some of the sweetest ball dresses I ever saw. I felt very lucky to own an individual ball gown, no one else had one like mine!

I taught myself the art of jewellery creation (with the help of one inspirational class and a ton of books!). My collection of beads is huge. I have heaps of handmade jewellery, and some gorgeous new glass beads that I will be making available on my shop.

Some of my fondest memories of jewellery creation include picking out hundreds of seed beads from our carpet and organising them into colours…. fun and games!

I love getting my craft on, and now I’ve got kids of my own, I have a good excuse to get the scissors and glue out, sprinkle some glitter and pour some love into their art projects. I’ve got experience in lamp working (melting glass to create beads), but I must say I’m most comfortable behind the sewing machine or with needle and thread. I’m always adding posts to my instagram feed, go and check it out! I look forward to sharing my handicrafts with you and hope that you find something that you love, made with love!