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Make-up Brush Roll and Bag (All in one) – Ranges Flame


Store your makeup brushes in the roll while having easy access to your makeup in the attached zippered pouch.

When stored, the ribbon just wraps around the roll and tucks under itself.

You can easily grab and go! The brushes shown in the photograph are BRAND new (OXO brand) and ARE included with the makeup rolls for a limited time.

This roll and pouch can be used for a variety of purposes: crochet hooks, scissors, pencils, markers and more.

This is a fabulous travel pouch.

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Handmade in Australia by Sam Made With Love.

Made with quality quilting cotton – Ranges Flame (Ellie Whittaker fabric)


Approximate DIMENSIONS are as follows:

23cm x 6cm (rolled without make-up stored)

23cm x 39cm (opened – laid flat)

Pouch = 22cm x 12.5cm

Brush sections (left to right): 2.5cm; 2.5cm; 2.5cm; 2.5cm; 2.5cm; 2.5cm; 2.5cm; 3.5cm; 3.5cm; 3cm

Ribbon = approx 60cms long

(Note these are approximate sizes and vary slightly in individual brush rolls and pouches)


Credit to Miss Freckles Design for pattern. (NOTE: Pattern size has been altered to be larger than the original).

Additional information

Weight 0.150 g
Dimensions 23 × 6 × 6 cm


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